CMS Konferenz 2015 in Leicester

Die nächste Critical Management Studies Konferenz wird 2015 an der Universität in Leicester stattfinden. Hier die erste Ankündigung:

The International CMS Board is pleased to announce that the next CMS conference will take place in July 2015 at the University of Leicester.

„Is There an Alternative? Management after Critique “

The conference theme: Is There an Alternative? Management after Critique, reflects the interest in encouraging debate about alternatives to current forms of market managerialism. CMS has been effective at mounting a critique of various elements of the business school orthodoxy. Examining and promoting different ways of thinking about organizing and markets, is still an underexplored area. The conference aims to encourage thinking which explores the idea of alternatives. The alternatives could be understood in practical terms of specific organizational forms and practices, or theoretical developments (particularly in feminism, anarchism, communism, green thinking and so on) which might encourage the generation of new forms of localism or alter-globalization as resistance to neo-liberalism. The Leicester School of Management, known for its diversity of critical management scholars, will accommodate the exploration of this important and contemporary theme. The conference aim is also reflected through the diversity of the city of Leicester. The pricing and bursaries for the conference will accommodate attendance from those outside North Western Europe. A PhD workshop before the main conference will be organized in the spirit of encouraging PhD attendance at the conference. The diversified spirit of the conference will also be reflected through other activities. Keynote speakers will be invited to address the topic of globalization and alternatives and a number of panels will include activists and practitioners, again with a particular focus on alternatives – worker managed firms, co-operatives, complementary currencies and more.

Please visit the CMS website for further details An official call for themes and workshops and further details will be distributed early next year. We look forward to welcoming you at the Conference.

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