CfP von ephemera – What are the alternatives? Organizing for a socially and ecologically sustainable world

Noch bis Ende Februar können bei ephemera kürzere oder längere Beiträge zur Thematik alternative(r) Organisationsformen eingereicht werden. Aus dem Call:

This special issue seeks to explore the myriad of alternative ways of organizing that are striving to address the social and environmental challenges we currently face. These include, but are not limited to, collectivist approaches (Rothschild-Whitt, 1979) such as cooperatives, community owned enterprises and communal living, and usually though not exclusively these focus on specific localities. Alternative practices include freeganism (the sourcing and reusing of disposed items – see Kurutz, 2007; Starr, 2010), open source technology (Pearce, 2012), and the revitalisation of movements seeking social change, such as Occupy and Idle No More, challenging the ongoing impact of neo-colonial practices on indigenous women and youth in Canada. Many of these initiatives are anti-globalization, anti-consumerist and, in the Global South, anti-development. They tend to have been built from the bottom up and espouse inclusivity and participative action. They seek to prioritise the well-being of people, communities and nature above profit maximization, and indeed to fundamentally challenge ideas around profit, growth and capitalist forms of exchange (Langley and Mellor, 2002; North, 2010). Some may aim for autonomy and to ‘disengage from capitalist (…) systems to build new forms of social and economic relationships and identities’ (Wilson 2013: 720).

Hier der Link zum vollständigen Call:

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