Call for papers: Diverse organizing/organizational diversity – Methodological questions and activist practices

Excerpt from the call:

In collaboration with Diversity in Teams and AlterEcos: Exploring Alternatives to Currently Dominant Forms of Economic Organizing, Diversity&Difference @CBS invites contributions to: Diverse organizing/organizational diversity – Methodological questions and activist practices.

In continuation of previous years’ successful workshops on leadership, diversity and inclusion, we now turn to the question of how to study organizational diversity. How do we study different organizations/organizational differences and why do we do it? This issue is both one of methodology and activism. In terms of methodology, the study of organizational diversity and diverse organizing challenges academic orthodoxies of specialization, standardization and incrementalism (Alvesson & Gabriel, 2013). The search for different organizations/difference in organizations demands that we unsettle our ways and reconsider the ins and outs of what we have been, are and will be doing. In terms of activism, a commitment to diversity and difference challenges social and organizational norms of meritocracy, inclusion, recognition, etc. (Fraser, 2000; Castilla & Benard, 2010; Zanoni et al., 2010). Encounters with difference require that we not only consider new sites of investigation, but also new means of intervention; above all, it implores reconsideration of the very purpose of inquiry: How may studies of diverse organizing and diversity in organizations move beyond either passive description or mere critique and, instead, provide practicable redefinitions of organizational realities?

Find the full call at the website.

Submission details 

·         Abstracts are invited to be submitted by 15th February 2017.

·         Abstracts of approximately 1500 words

·         The abstracts will be peer reviewed and decisions on acceptance will be made by the workshop organizers within a month from submission date.

·         Contributors may choose to draw on material from a wide range of empirical spheres, theoretical perspectives and methodological orientations.

·         Papers should include methodological considerations

·         Papers can be theoretically or empirically driven.

·         We welcome papers from all national and cross-national contexts.

·         New and young scholars with ‚work in progress‘ are particularly welcome.

·         In terms of co-authored papers, one person should be identified as the corresponding author.

Abstracts should be emailed to: Sine N. Just  and Lotte Holck.

The document must include contact information (author names, institutional affiliation and e-mail address).

This workshop is exploratory in nature, but we acknowledge the importance of publication. We, therefore, encourage authors to submit a full(er) version of their paper by 15th April 2017. This is, however, not a prerequisite for taking part in the workshop.

In line with the theme of the workshop, we welcome alternatives to power point presentations. You will be able to indicate your preferred form of presentation at the time of submitting your developed manuscript and are welcome to contact the workshop organizers for any questions.

Information  on programme, keynote speakers, and registration will follow.   

Dato 2nd – 3rd May, 2017
Location Copenhagen Business School  (room will follow)

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