UP:IT – Utopia Platform for Imagining Transformations

Yesterday, a new open platform was launched by some great scholars in the field of organization studies, namely Elke Schüssler, Charlene Zietsma, Rick Delbridge, Andreas Pekarek and Markus Helfen.

The idea of the platform follows the need to „reimagine our futures and to engage with alternative visions of the future“ and is built around the following questions:

„How can we train our thinking, spur our imagination? How can we fill the idea of the “new normal” with a vision of a socially and ecologically responsible world rather than looking back to the old business as usual as a model? How can we inspire people – e.g. our students – to abandon dominant logics and ideas? How can we as scholars research and teach utopia? How can we work with an imagined future as data? How can we study the new normal before it exists? How can we integrate “imagination” in our theories, e.g. of institutional change? Can utopia, based on imagination, become a program for change and action?“

As an open platform, the initiators welcome contributions from different disciplines and different backgrounds.

More information can be found here:

UP:IT – Utopia Platform for Imagining Transformations

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