Solidarische Ökonomie – „Affinities“ Ausgabe zum „New Cooperatism“

Workers‘ assembly at the worker cooperative Unión Solidaria de Trabajadores (UST), barrio of Villa Domenico, Avellaneda, Argentina (August 2009).

Das Online Journal „Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action“ veröffentlicht in der aktuellen Ausgabe Beiträge und Analysen zur Geschichte, Theorie und Praxis des „New Cooperatism“:

„Cooperative practices and values that challenge the status quo while, at the same time, creating alternative modes of economic, cultural, social, and political life have emerged with dynamism in recent years. The 15 articles in this issue–written by activists, coop practitioners, theorists, historians, and researchers–begin to make visible some of the myriad modes of cooperation existing today around the world that both directly respond to new enclosures and crises and show pathways beyond them. Prefiguring other possibilities for organizing life and provisioning for our needs and desires, we call these cooperative experiments the new cooperativism.“

Das könnte Dich auch interessieren …

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