Lektüretipp: „Global Anti-Unionism“ (Hg. Gregor Gall, Tony Dundon)

Eine interessante Ankündigung aus dem WSI-Newsletter:

„The volume provides key theories and concepts of employers‘ anti-unionism, followed by country studies. In Germany, militant anti-unionism is less widespread than e.g. in the US, yet employers seek to weaken union power at the workplace and to avoid collective bargaining. WSI-researchers Martin Behrens and Heiner Dribbusch present German case study outcomes and results of a survey among local union officers on employers‘ opposition to works councils and anti-bargaining strategies. Findings indicate that these forms of anti-unioning are more widespread in small enterprises, single-owner or family-run businesses and in new firms or industries lacking traditional workplace relations.“

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Das könnte Dich auch interessieren …

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