Call for Papers – 9th Organization Studies Summer Workshop, Corfu, Greece, May 22-24, 2014: „Resistance, resisting, and resisters in and around organizations“

Aus dem Call:

„Resistance has had a rather curious and paradoxical history. From the resistance to Nazi occupation and colonial domination, to the recent Arab Spring and Indignados of Spain, resistance is often celebrated in the public imaginary. However, while it has been a central and enduring theme in political and social theory, traditionally resistance has had a marginal reputation in conventional organization studies. Viewed as a problem, a challenge, and something to be avoided or eradicated, resistance is often equated with troublemaking. In other words, the dominant view in organization studies holds that resistance is adversarial, problematic and harmful for organizations, communities, and societies alike. However, recent, alternate voices have argued that the study of resistance, resisting and resisters has the potential to bring new perspectives to the intersection of economic, social, and political aspects and processes in and around organizations and organizing.“

Deadline für Abstracts: 16. Dezember 2013

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