Academic Freedom and the future of a Diverse Management School are under attack at University of Leicester

I am writing this post after several months of silence. This silence was mainly caused by the growing workload pressure we faced at our university, our attempts to keep the school of business at track and the growing fears about job cuts. Three weeks ago, on the first day of the new term I was informed that 15 colleagues and I where at ‚risk of‘ redundancy. At the university, 145 people are at risk of loosing their job. Since then, we tried to shed light and to fight against the plans to ‚disinvest‘ in critical management studies and political economy at the School of Business. The following website is dedicated to our fight and the international solidarity and condemnation of the plans of our leadership. Please have a look and support us!

The site of the University and College Union (UCU) provides further information about the situation at University of Leicester:

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