Call for Papers – International Labour Process Conference 18.-20. März 2013

Die jährliche ILPC-Konferenz findet nächstes Jahr in der Nähe von New York statt. Wer diesen Weg auf sich nehmen möchte, kann noch bis Ende Oktober ein Abstract einreichen. Hier ein Auszug aus dem Call for Papers:

The primary focus of the 2013 International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) is work and employment relations in the context of the broader political economy. ILPC particularly welcomes submissions on issues such as:

  • Labour process and other critical theories of work relations
  • The meaning, value, quality and experience of work
  • Workplace and corporate restructuring
  • Changing forms of employment relations, outsourcing and the supply chain
  • Gender, ethnicity, and class at work
  • New technology and work organization
  • Control strategies, power, consent and culture in organizations
  • Work-life boundaries
  • Migrant labor

Special  streams  include  Whither  the  State,  Work  Labor  and  Employment  in  China,  Union  Power  and Effectiveness in the Global Economy, Migrant Workers and the Labour Process, and Integrating Labor with Global Value Chains. Preference is given to papers that promote critical understandings of workplace relations and integrate empirical material with theoretical argument.

Hier geht es zur Konferenzseite:

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